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What is a Push Notification?

Push notifications are small clickable messages which can be sent to your subscriber’s desktops, laptops as well as smart phones. As shown in the above image, a push notification contains a title (upto 50 characters), description (upto 125 characters), link as well as your brand icon. When you send a Push Notification Campaign, it can reach your subscribed audiences anywhere and anytime. Web Push Notifications are supported in all popular browsers such are Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can easily add push notifications to your WordPress or HTML website. Click Here for 3 Easy Steps To Configure Push Notification For WordPress Or HTML Websites

Benefits of Promoting your Business with Push Notification:

  • It is a very effective way to keep your visitors engaged, as not many websites are using Push Notifications.
  • Push Notifications are more engaging than Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns or Bulk SMS Promotions.
  • Your visitors have to subscribe for the notifications, which means they are already interested to receive notifications from your website and there are likely to click your notification.
  • Nearly 100% of your Push Notification Messages will get delivered as there is no complex algorithms.
  • Push Notifications are difficult to miss and very easy to subscribe.
  • You can notify your user about important updates, offers or new content on the website.
  • Push Notifications also works fine if users are offline. Users will get notification as soon as they come back online.

Setting up Push Notifications for your WordPress or HTML Website:

Analysis says that almost 70% of your visitors will never come back to your website. Push Notification is very effective way to keep your visitors engage. It is very easy to setup Push Notifications for your WordPress or HTML Website. Here is an easy step-to-step guide to configure push notification and get started for free.

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