In this modern age of business, many business are making their products and services available online for their customers and earning huge profits. Which doing online business, if you are not aware of Payment Gateway, collecting payments from customers is a big challenge. In this article, I will explain you about what is Payment Gateway and how does payment gateway works. In my upcoming article, I will guide you to register for a payment gateway to start collecting online payments from your customers.

Let’s get started !

What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is an e-commerce application used to accept payments from your customers. Basically we can call Payment Gateway company as a mediator between your business and your customers to collect money from your customer’s debit or credit cards, internet banking, online wallet, UPI, etc. and securely transfer it to your bank account.

Payment Gateway

How Does Payment Gateway Works?

Following are 5 easy steps which will explain you the process of How Does Payment Gateway Works:

  • Step 1: Customer will place the order from your website by clicking on checkout button, and order total amount with customer details are collected for further processing
  • Step 2: Payment Gateway will then redirect the customer to a secured page where customer has to select their preferred payment option such as Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Wallets, etc. Then customer is redirected to the banks page to authorize the transaction.
  • Step 3: If transaction is successfully authorized, bank will then check if customer is having enough funds in their account to successfully complete the transaction or not.
  • Step 4: If transaction is successful, the order amount is deducted from customers bank and Payment Gateway will notify customer regarding successful transaction. And if transaction is failed, Payment Gateway will notify customer regarding failed transaction.
  • Step 5: If transaction is successful, Payment Gateway will deduct their transaction charges (usually 1% – 2% of the transaction amount) and transfer the amount in your bank account as per their payment cycle.

I hope above details gave you basic understanding about what is payment gateway and how does payment gateway works. If you too would like to integrate Payment Gateway in your website and start collecting online payments from your customers, then click here to get all the details. I have also covered in my article, that how can you collect payments even if you don’t have a website. It’s super easy and a helpful tool for your business.

SendPulse is a free push notification service provider for HTML and WordPress Websites. It allows you to easily add push notifications in not more than 15 minutes. You can Promote Your Website With Push Notifications. Follow below steps and get started for free.

Easy Steps To Configure Push Notification For WordPress Or HTML Websites

Step 1: Signup for Push Notification Service

Visit and create a SendPulse Account. After creating your account, click on “PUSH” option from top menu.

Step 2: Add Your Website

  • Enter your domain name.
  • Upload your brand icon, make sure it is square.
  • Select how you want your visitors to subscribe for push notifications.
  • Click on Next

Add new website

Step 3: Configure Push Notifications with your HTML Website or WordPress Website

  • In case of HTML Website, copy the javascript code and paste it before </head> tag as shown in below image.
  • In case of WordPress Website, in your backend, open theme editor (Appearance > Editor), in header.php file, copy the javascript code and paste it before </head> tag as shown in below image.
  • Click on ‘Download the setup files’ button. It will download a zip file having 2 setup files. Upload these files in your root directory / public_html directory of your website.
  • Click on ‘Check the Settings’ button to verify if you have configured everything correctly.

Configure Push Notifications

Great! You are all set!

You can start sending push notification campaign to your subscribers. Get stats of your active subscribers on SendPulse Dashboard.

What is a Push Notification?

Push notifications are small clickable messages which can be sent to your subscriber’s desktops, laptops as well as smart phones. As shown in the above image, a push notification contains a title (upto 50 characters), description (upto 125 characters), link as well as your brand icon. When you send a Push Notification Campaign, it can reach your subscribed audiences anywhere and anytime. Web Push Notifications are supported in all popular browsers such are Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can easily add push notifications to your WordPress or HTML website. Click Here for 3 Easy Steps To Configure Push Notification For WordPress Or HTML Websites

Benefits of Promoting your Business with Push Notification:

  • It is a very effective way to keep your visitors engaged, as not many websites are using Push Notifications.
  • Push Notifications are more engaging than Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns or Bulk SMS Promotions.
  • Your visitors have to subscribe for the notifications, which means they are already interested to receive notifications from your website and there are likely to click your notification.
  • Nearly 100% of your Push Notification Messages will get delivered as there is no complex algorithms.
  • Push Notifications are difficult to miss and very easy to subscribe.
  • You can notify your user about important updates, offers or new content on the website.
  • Push Notifications also works fine if users are offline. Users will get notification as soon as they come back online.

Setting up Push Notifications for your WordPress or HTML Website:

Analysis says that almost 70% of your visitors will never come back to your website. Push Notification is very effective way to keep your visitors engage. It is very easy to setup Push Notifications for your WordPress or HTML Website. Here is an easy step-to-step guide to configure push notification and get started for free.

Many people ask me regarding how to add address bar color for mobile browser. In technical terms, I call it adding theme color meta tag in your website’s head tag. This will enhance your website’s user experience by adding theme color of your website to mobile browser such as Chrome. It is not yet supported in all the browsers, use Google Chrome browser for best results.

You can easily add theme color in your HTML Website as well as WordPress Website. Follow these steps and get it done:

Solution for HTML Websites:

Simply add following meta tag just before closing </head> tag:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#709b40" />

Replace the content attribute value to hex color code of your choice and save your file.

Solution for WordPress Websites:

Open theme editor (Appearance > Editor), in header.php file, simply add following meta tag just before closing </head> tag:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#709b40" />

Replace the content attribute value to hex color code of your choice and save your file.

If you find it unsafe to edit theme’s header.php file, you can download WordPress Plugin: Color Mobile Browser Address Bar. You need to add your color hex code in the plugin options, and it will automatically add meta tag in header.php of your theme.

I hope this will help.

Email is a very important for business communication that’s quick, cost effective, accessible and simply replicated.
Using email will greatly profit businesses because it provides economical and effective ways to transmit every kind of information electronically. Email Marketing will increase effectiveness, productivity and your business readiness. Using email in business is cost effective, fast, convenient and you can also keep a record of messages and replies, together with details of once a message was received. Here are top 5 free email marketing tools for your business.


Mailchimp is smart AI-powered email Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster. As the backbone for your client relationships. Their tools are having easy user interface, anyone will use to achieve success. Mailchimp puts your audience at the middle therefore you’ll be able to send promoting emails and automatic messages, produce targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate news as well as monitor analytics of all your campaigns.

Its a cloud-based email marketing tool that helps businesses of all sizes, automatize and manage email campaigns across several email platforms, ad channels and a lot via its unified dashboard.
Founded in: 2001
Located in: United States


Mailjet is a strong email service provider used by many companies all over the world to create, send, and track their marketing and transaction based emails. Mailjet’s flexible infrastructure can auto-scale to send up to 15M emails / hour using their Email API, even during peak sending periods. They have a powerful drag & drop email builder helps you produce 100% responsive emails in no time. Due to their advanced user management and content protection, several companies have good management of their brand image and accounts.

Mailjet has offices worldwide (including New York, Paris, London as well as Berlin) and operates with more than 100k clients and have partners across 150 countries.

Founded in: 2010
Located in: France

3. SendPulse

SendPulse is an electronic messaging solution with a powerful AI system to create client service agents, that allows users to speak with all devices by Email, SMS, Web push, SMTP etc. Clients using SendPulse Al often see 50% to 100% will increase in engagement metrics together with CTR rates, page views, time on website and conversions. SendPulse is best for Retail, E-commerce, Tourism, Banking, Bloggers, Small and medium business.

Founded in: 2011
Located in: United States

4. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is bundled with lots of feature for effective email campaigns for businesses of all sizes. From list management to automation and getting your reports, Zoho Campaigns is very easy-to-use email marketing application all at an affordable cost. Create responsive email campaigns ready-to-use email templates or the drag-and-drop editor to style your emails. You will be able to track your reports effectively to execute and manage future email campaigns. You can easily manage all your clients and leads with this Zoho Campaigns to drive sales.

Founded in: 1996
Located in: India

5. is an easy-to-use email marketing service with some advance tools such as push notifications and automation. Founded in the year 2012 and building trust with more 4000 customers since 2012.

With Transactional Campaigns as well as Automations email sending tools, marketers can send professional emails directly to the subscriber’s inbox. is created to help marketers run result oriented email marketing campaigns for a very competitive price. In the year 2016 also started offering desktop Push-Notification communication tool in to boost the marketing results for all its users.
Founded in: 2012
Located in: Lithuania